by Mr. Manager

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for rose, yesterday, today and tomorrow

basement hymns lovingly handmade during a hot and hungry daydream of a summer.

stay in love


released July 30, 2017

alphabetically performed by:

AUSTIN THOMAS - guitar, vox
BRIAN T. MURPHY - sad piano
EMMA HARVEY - guitar, vox
KATHRYN KIRBY - words, vox
LUCAS MACALUSO - happy piano, keys
NICK JOHNSTON - words, keys, guitar, percussion, vox
RAND WALTER - synth, keys, banjo, vox
STEVEN SHOOK - trumpet, accordion, drums, beer bottles

all songs written and arranged by MR. MANAGER
engineered, mixed and mastered by SPOOKYGHOSTBOY



all rights reserved


Mr. Manager Nashville, Tennessee

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Track Name: Complicated
I was running out of reasons
I couldn’t give you what you needed
(run it back, run it home)

we were speeding
I was recklessly repeating
all the books that I was reading
(run it back, run it home)

why’s it gotta be so complicated?

just tell me what you’re feeling
take your eyes off of the ceiling
(run it back, I’ll run it home now)
can you tell me
was this easy for you,
taking over?

why’s it gotta be so complicated?

you said you’ve got your reasons
but I know you don’t believe them
(take it back, take it home)

why’s it gotta be so complicated?

you were always all that I wanted...
Track Name: Florida (Reprise)
he wrote notes to catherine
as they wait for school to begin
her lips pressed as she read in her bed and it said
“won’t you meet me here again?”

catherine spent all her time
picking oranges and limes
waiting for him to walk through the door
sick and sore
confessing all of his crimes

oh, florida
I can’t take it anymore
the waves they break before they hit the shore
and every piece of fruit that hangs
will soon fall to the floor
oh, florida
I can’t take it anymore

he spoke lies soft and sweet
and he hoped one day he’d believe
that underneath florida trees
tall and green
she’d be seen
as someone not to leave

catherine waits by the door
as he drives east towards the shore
the exits pass
he could not make it last
turing fast
for the truth he can’t ignore

oh, florida
I can’t take it anymore
the waves they break before they hit the shore
and every piece of fruit that hangs
will soon fall to the floor
oh, florida
I can’t take it anymore
Track Name: Suitcase
where did all the time go?
where did you put my suitcase, my hat, my coat?
baby I don’t want to go

where did all the love go?
why did I leave you on the side of the road?
baby I don’t wanna know

where did all the time go?
wasn’t it last week that we were talking about the road
baby I was driving slow
baby how much did you know?

when we were talking it out on Front Street
talking about the west and all the people we would meet
tying laces on our feet
baby how could we compete?

I think I loved you, but how do I know?
I think I loved you, but how do I show it?
and if I loved you, then why did I go?
and if I loved you, then why did I go?

I’m just a little too tired…
Track Name: I Saw You Standing There
I saw you standing there
caught in a big wind of dead desire
but I stayed at home because I was tired

we were living on the hill
singing the shallow songs of summer
you were the one to give them color
I was the one too dull to discover

count it back from ten
these are the days that we’ve been stealing
why can’t you tell me what you’ve been feeling?

you can blame it all on me
blame me for taking time to toss you
blame me for looking when I lost you

fabric, sun and skin
swim in the endless sea of somethings
scribble the loose-leaf laws of nothing

someday far from now
maybe I’ll catch you without warning
come back and see me in the morning

I saw you standing there
Track Name: Hey Doll
tom walked in the door
with cigarettes and a broken heart
he said

“hey man, I need someone that I can talk to.
the evening was serene but then she came and caused a scene
and now I don’t know where I stand or where I ought to.

I thought she looked the part
but she thought leaving was her art
and then she left me with an empty explanation
I shook the whole way home
and I set fire to the telephone
I shut the blinds so she could not come and find me

‘hey doll,’ I thought I heard her call.

the night was swift and dark
I heard a knock and my dog bark
and I caught glimpses of her dress outside my window
I’m not a swearing man
but I could swear she had a plan
and I knew she would try and come inside

‘hey doll, do you want to hear the midnight call?’

the morning that we left
I made some coffee as she got dressed
she said ‘do you ever dream to swim in the pacific?’
she grabbed her guitar and her gun
she said ‘come on, we gotta run,
I’m not a gambler but I would bet on this feeling

‘hey doll, don’t you wanna see it all?’

there was no place to go
besides where evergreens would grow
there was magnetic space between us when we were talking
but I could not fight the fear as you hold my hand and steer
that there was something that you refused to tell me

‘hey doll, don’t our bodies feel so small?

I’ll skip a little in between
and cut ahead to the next scene
because that winter is where things got real nasty
I never thought I’d see the day where she would up and run away
but I could see the way you looked she looked out the window

hey doll, I thought you said you knew it all?

if I had a time machine I would return to that same scene
that’s where I felt the earth shift beneath us
and that afternoon I woke, and right beside me was a note
and I could barely read the letters that were on it

hey doll, we were never meant to have it all
Track Name: Underneath the Stairs
we go underneath the stairs again
to show what it was that we were feeling
I know
what you don’t.

tongue-tied, hide behind an empty pride
blue eyes cut into the ceiling
think twice
before you decide.

sunrise, just another cold surprise
disguise to hide behind the healing
summer day.

we go underneath the stairs again
to show what it was that we were feeling
I know
but you don’t.
Track Name: Waltz for Jane
jesus was pleased by my story last week
as I stood at the top of the stairs.
pink paint on the walls only muffled my calls
as I delivered my delicate speech

“I was looking for you my god,
I was looking for you!”

loveless and lost I paraded the cost
as I stumbled down the steps out of time
and out the front door I was hungry for more
oh my god, what a terrible crime!

but I was looking for you my dove,
I was looking for you!

when I reached the hotel I was weary as hell
but the doorman just stared at his shoes
my reservation was taken by a nun with a gun
she had a cross around her neck hanging loose

I was looking for sweet, sweet sleep lord
I was looking for sleep!

out past the sands where the aeroplanes land
I thought I might try and dig up a clue.
but I fell asleep with my face on the street
and I dreamed a hundred dreams about you

I was looking for truth, oh god!
I was looking for truth!
Track Name: Mary Hudson's Beaver Coat (Waltz #3)
mr. Daffodil was praying
he said “it’s sure been a while,
since I’ve found some substance
since I’ve loved like a child.”

he said
“hallelujah, I’m a liar!”

and all he had was borrowed time.

jesus was crying
he had just read the news
he said “hey Daffodil,
if you’re drinking,
I might drink a little too.

he said
“hallelujah, I’ve just been fired!”

and all they had was stolen wine.

the governor was anxious
that word had escaped
that his sons had been scheming
as they walked by the lake

he said
“hallelujah, I’m a fake!”

and all he had was a gift for lies.

mary was waiting
on the branch of a tree
her eyes were still swollen
from all that she’d seen.

she said
“hallelujah, how obscene!”

and all she had was woven twine.
Track Name: Rose
new york city was too big for me
as I watched rose sleep out the balcony
I stared at her till 3 am
just to try and feel how I felt then.

my back against the marble wall
america burns in a bathroom stall
if an earth of rock is a grain of sand
how can those two eyes cast a dream so grand?

the Hudson was too high tonight
and I waded in with my own two eyes
she’s envelope and paper thin
I took a breath and I drowned again

a bible stare under folds of skin
helped these scarred lungs want to sing again
if all is lost and all is gone
will you lay with me on the sterling lawn?

oh you were signs I thought I'd missed
you were trees that don't exist
you asked me where we met I swore
I haven't seen you in this city before

underneath the sidewalk cracks
are growing fields we can't get back
but underneath your brave black eyes
there's nothing that you want to hide